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FHA Mortgage Calculators

FHA Mortgage Calculators are the very useful tool in calculating the amount that ca be borrowed, monthly payments and also to compare three different types of home loans. The calculation for the payments can be made very easily, as there are numerous online websites that contain FHA Loan Calculators. The prime source for these is the official website of FHA, The Federal Housing Administration .

FHA mortgage calculators can be used for the following
  • FHA mortgage calculator for payments
  • FHA mortgage calculators to check amount that you can afford
  • FHA mortgage calculators to check amount that you can borrow
  • FHA mortgage calculator to check amortization and schedule

Mortgage Calculator for the amount you can afford:

FHA loan calculator is used to check the amount you can afford. It needs information like mortgage for new home, mortgage length, interest rate, annual tax, total monthly payment for car, student loan and other such expenditures. Now if you calculate the monthly tax payments and monthly mortgage the sum should not be greater than the 28% of gross salary. If debt payment is also included in this then the gross monthly salary must be more than 35% of all these expenditures.

FHA Mortgage Calculator for the amount you can borrow:

This FHA loan calculator needs specific information regarding income, housing expenses, loan terms and interest rates. In income fill salary and other income. FHA loan calculator under housing taxes need information on property taxes and hazard insurance. You also need to provide amount for auto payment, credit cards and any other payment. Along with this also provide the information on loan amount and interest rate. After filling all the information click submit and get the results that are beneficial while deciding the FHA loan amount.

FHA Mortgage Calculators for the payments:

It is the simplest calculator that requires mortgage length, interest rate, loan amount, annual tax and annual insurance for the mortgage calculator results. The results displayed by FHA loan calculator will include monthly principal and Interest, monthly tax, monthly insurance and total monthly payment.

Amortization and Schedule FHA Loan Calculator: This FHA mortgage calculator is used specifically to calculate the payment amount and total interest. Provide first payment year, mortgage amount, interest rate, mortgage length and payment frequency. To calculate the different amounts use the links of FHA mortgage calculators that is given by


FHA Mortgage Calculators

Check this calculator to calculate the amount you can afford.

FHA Mortgage Calculator to find Borrow amount

Calculate the amount you can borrow by using this FHA loan calculator.

Amortization FHA Calculators

Use this calculators to find out the amortization and schedules.

FHA Mortgage Calculator PMI

Use this calculator to find out the PMI and other monthly amount.

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