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FHA Loan Rates

FHA Loan Rates like any other mortgage rates fluctuates because of the changes in the real estate and economic market as a whole. The ups and downs in FHA loan interest rates must be checked thoroughly before taking the home loan.

FHA loan rates depend upon certain basic factors that include
  • Loan amount
  • Loan type
  • Down payment
  • Term of the loan

FHA Loan Rate Trend

The FHA loan rates are the most promising in the market. FHA itself is not the loan provider but it provides insurance to the loan given by private lenders. When the loan is secured by FHA then the rates automatically becomes reasonable. Moreover the main aim of FHA loan rates is to provide benefits to the moderate or low income families. Along with this, the first-time home buyer as well as people who are looking for refinance option can also apply for FHA loans. 203(b) FHA loan program is the most popular among other home loans and taken up by many borrowers. In this type of home loan only three percentage is given by the borrower and along with this borrower can take 100% closing cost as a gift from relative, government agency and non-profit organization.

Along with popularity of FHA loan rates, while giving the loan less check is done on the credit reports unlike other traditional private lending practice, where strict guidelines are followed while checking the credit score report. Bad credit score in those cases can lead to less amount of loan and that too at high mortgage interest rate. Along with this the cost of monthly mortgage insurance with FHA loan is also less than the normal home loans.

FHA Loan Comparison

FHA loan rates also vary with the purpose of home loan. FHA loan can be taken to refinance the existing mortgage or it can be taken to purchase a new home. The loan taken for these purposes will have different rates. For FHA loan rate comparison and trends, you can find many online graphs that show the detailed trend in the past years. Like you can check trend for FHA loan rate for 30 years fixed loan, its fluctuations in the market and comparison with other home loans. Even the FHA loan predictions made by the economists and other experts are useful and should be taken as one of the deciding factors while taking the home loan.

FHA Loan Rate Calculator

FHA loan rates can be calculated by using mortgage calculator that are available online. You can use this calculator to compare different loans and their rates. The insurance is provided only if you take loan from the FHA approved lenders. Before taking a loan also make it clear to ask the total Annual Percentage Rate that will also include the closing cost, additional fee and other charges. This will help you in calculating FHA loan rates. So consider all the factors while calculating FHA loan rates and amount of loan to be taken. is specifically designed for the moderate to low income families and FHA loan rates makes it more popular. Moreover the ease with which it can be obtained also helps in the popularity of the FHA loan.


Get complete detail on FHA rate quotes by using simple calculator. Also check the today's National Mortgage Rates and Check FHA loan limits.


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FHA Loan