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FHA Loan Program

FHA Loan Program include numerous loan programs that need less documentation and easy to obtain. The FHA loan programs are generally made for the first-time home buyers. The basic thing regarding each loan program is the low down payment requirement.

Types of FHA Loan Program

FHA Loan Programs include the following types of mortgages:
  • Adjustable rate mortgage
  • Fixed rate mortgage
  • Graduated payment mortgage
  • Energy efficient mortgage
  • Growing equity mortgage
  • FHA loans for condos
  • Refinance
  • FHA loan modification options
  • Reverse mortgage
FHA loan program is made by keeping in mind the requirements of home buyers. Besides this there are 203-k rehab loans and 203-k streamline loan. Borrower can use 203k to renovate the home an 203-k streamline loan include the programs that are made to buy first home.

FHA Loan Program Requirements

FHA loan program requirements need stable employment for the last two years preferably with the same employer. The income should be consistent of shows an increasing trend. Two years old bankruptcy record and three years old foreclosure. The period following this should have good credit score. Credit score report should be sound and no late payment in the last two thirty days. In any FHA loan program, the mortgage amount can be close to the 30% of your gross income. If you have all these then you can send your application for the pre-qualification of FHA loan program. If you get the pre-qualification approval then apply for the actual mortgage.

Besides this also get info in FHA loan program limits, loan checklist, cosing cost and other related terms of the Federal Housing Administration loan program. For this keep flipping the pages of

FHA Home Loans - FHA Loan Programs

Find details on different FHA loan programs, requirements, guidelines and FHA loan program changes in the recent time.



Find out the reason why you should go for the FHA loan programs. Along with this also find details on different loan programs and how to apply for the same.

FHA Info

FHA info gives detail on FHA loan program changes and recent news on the same. Also check the loan programs, FHA secure programs, reverse mortgage options and so on.

Read all the facts and FHA loan program guidelines in order to understand the loan terms and condition before applying for the same.

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