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FHA Loan Approval

FHA Loan Approval becomes a speedy process if the documentation of the required documents is done completely. Your lender must begin the processing for the approval so that less time is needed to get the loan. For an easy FHA loan approval, make sure that your application makes sense. Any fraudulent or fake application is not entertained and given FHA loan approval.

Things to Remember Before FHA Loan Approval Process

Before initiating the loan processing it is better to check the CAIVRS number. CAIVRS number stands for Credit Alert Interactive Voice Response System. Here the verification regarding any disqualification of loan by government agency is done. Along with this if the lender is endorsing directly then the FHA loan approval will be quick. The broker package takes more time than the in house or as correspondent submission of loan processing. The FHA loan approval timeline thus can be decreased to some extent with the systematic approach.

FHA Loan Approval Requirements

FHA loan approval requirements include your credit report, salary details, employment history, bankruptcy and foreclosure records if any. All these documents are mandatory for the processing as well as FHA loan approval and save lots of time if done wisely. FHA loan approval also needs minimum of two lines of credit in which cell phone bill or utility bill or rent history can be given. The payment of credit must be regular and in this late payment is overlooked by FHA. Bankruptcy should be two years old and foreclosure should be three years. But again for the FHA loan approval and eligibility, the past circumstances that had led to this are properly checked.

Any judgment, if paid before the closing makes you eligible for the FHA loan approval. The loan you are applying for can be rejected if you are charged with federal delinquencies such as student loan or tax liens. Before filing for FHA loan make sure that your lender knows all in details and FHA loan approval and processing can only be initiated by the approved mortgage lenders.

Getting approval is much awaited thing and can give the positive results if done properly. Get more information on other aspects of the Federal Housing Administration or FHA Loans by visiting the more pages of


FHA Loan Approval

In FHA Loan Approval submit the form for pre-qualification of home loan. Or you can call the loan specialist for the complete loan process and approval.

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